Maybe its an age thing because I’ve now lived long enough for them to seem major. Milestones. Seems they lurk everywhere I turn these days. Ten year work anniversary. Twenty-five years since college graduation. And this week – the twentieth anniversary of my grandfather’s death. Miles Robert Gregory was born April 11, 1919 and died JulyRead more

School of Rock

In fourth grade, I played fiddle, I mean violin, in the Brook Glenn Elementary School orchestra. For a month. Then, for some long forgotten reason, I switched to the double bass, otherwise known as the upright bass or bass fiddle.  Standing almost six feet tall, the instrument was huge for a fourth-grader.  For anybody, really.Read more

A Tale of Two Lizards

The one year anniversary is approaching of one of my recent experiments – Hagar, my pet chameleon.  Thankfully, this latest shot at reptile raising has been much better than previous attempts – geckos Skynyrd I and Skynyrd II  didn’t even scare the one year mark, collectively.  Maybe I learned something from the original lizards, but I think veiledRead more

The RBG4 Time Machine

Ah spring…more like Ah-choo! spring.  The older I get, the worse my allergies become.  Unfortunately, with the pollen in the air and the weeds growing faster than the grass, it is time for mowing and yard work.  I dread it.  Funny how things change.  Once upon a time, landscaping was a hobby.  I even tookRead more

Happy Scary

If you’ll recall, there was a little problem hanging over the late 1990’s.  It was called Y2K.   Someone realized that most computer hardware and software at the time used two-digit date codes and when these dates changed from 99 to 00 at midnight between December 31, 1999 and January 1, 2000, some very bad thingsRead more


A couple of weeks ago, I visited my grandparents’ house.  Mom’s side.  I say house because my grandparents weren’t there.  This year will mark the 20th anniversary of my grandfather’s death, and my grandmother lives in a nursing home. Dementia stole her mind several years ago. The house has been vacant for many years andRead more