In 1982, the year 1999 seemed so far away.  Thanks to cable television, a channel called MTV, and a young artist named Prince, the turn of the century was all the rage, though.  It was hard not to see the video for the song “1999” (from the album of the same name) and it’s followup,Read more

School of Rock

In fourth grade, I played fiddle, I mean violin, in the Brook Glenn Elementary School orchestra. For a month. Then, for some long forgotten reason, I switched to the double bass, otherwise known as the upright bass or bass fiddle.  Standing almost six feet tall, the instrument was huge for a fourth-grader.  For anybody, really.Read more

The Christmas Lists

Earlier this fall, Darius Rucker released a Christmas album.  I’m a big fan of my fellow South Carolinian, but I cringed when I saw the announcement because I knew a certain loved one would have to purchase it.  Thanks alot, Darius.  We needed another Christmas album at our house.  I think we have enough ChristmasRead more

The Cover

My daughter came home from school last Friday and announced she and some classmates were going to be in the 5th grade talent show.  Apparently, they’d come up with a drummer, a pianist, and a couple of vocalists to join my guitar playing daughter.  They even come up with a band name – 5 SecondsRead more

The History of Sammy and Me – Part Two

Sammy Hagar’s birthday was earlier this week.  This is part two of my Sammy tribute.  To see part one, click here. Sammy Comes to Town In 1996, Sammy and the Van Halen brothers couldn’t get along and Van Hagar came to an end.  Ever the hard worker, it wasn’t long before Sammy released a newRead more