You’re Fired!

If I was a drinking man, this might have been me in 2016: Sitting on this barstool, talking like a damn fool Got the twelve o’clock news blues And I’ve given up hope for the afternoon soaps And a bottle of cold brew Is it any wonder I’m not crazy? Is it any wonder I’m saneRead more

Dogged Days of Summer

dogged [dawgd, dogd] adjective, Southern U.S. 1.doggoned; damned; confounded: Well, I’ll be dogged! – I stood at the end of my driveway and assessed the situation. Cicadas were already creating their summertime background noise. The sun was just about to peek over the tree line. Some  patchy fog looked like it would help mute theRead more

Happy Scary

If you’ll recall, there was a little problem hanging over the late 1990’s.  It was called Y2K.   Someone realized that most computer hardware and software at the time used two-digit date codes and when these dates changed from 99 to 00 at midnight between December 31, 1999 and January 1, 2000, some very bad thingsRead more