Friday, December 30th was the last work day of 2016 for me, and I felt the need to do something special to close out 2016.  A final small celebration of how 2016 had turned out pretty well, despite its inauspicious start. So, on the way to the office, I pulled into Chick-fil-A. Now, stopping at my favorite restaurant is nothing unusual for me (maybe that’s a habit I should examine closer). My local Chick-fil-A is practically Cheers for me, where many of the crew (day, lunch, and dinner) know my name.

cfa_lemonadeThis day, though, I passed on my current “usual” – the egg white grill – and went for the special stuff – the BACON, egg and cheese muffin. Then I ordered the exclamation point, something I had not tasted in a long time – a large diet lemonade. Normally, I’m an unsweetened tea guy (four Splendas, though) to get some morning caffeine, having never acquired a taste for coffee.

I took my tray and sat by myself (I had the whole place to myself at 6:40 a.m.!) and sipped on the lemonade, celebrating the old adage…well you know. Life had given me an opportunity to make some lemonade over the past 24 months, and it turns out, I was able to do so.

All too quickly my breakfast was gone, and it was time to make the second half of my morning commute.  It was also finally time to think about 2017 and beyond.  I didn’t come up with any super crazy goals, as I’m trying awfully hard not to get side tracked (squirrel!) from the fledgling author career.  Therefore, being a drummer in a rock ‘n roll band will have to wait at least another year.

On the running front, I will continue to train hard with my coach (he need’s a showcase student, right? If he wants to maybe build a coaching business), but I won’t do another full marathon until Boston 2018.  Maybe one goal for 2017 is to make enough income from writing to pay for the trip?

I’ve also outlined a plan to complete and release book number two at some point in 2017. I won’t tell you the aggressive timeline just yet, but last year I promised my friend Sheryl a beach read and didn’t make it. Maybe this year, I will – if she’ll take a post July 4th vacation!

So, Happy New Year, and thanks for reading my little blog this year. Here’s raising a tall glass (or perhaps a red and white styrofoam cup) of yellow goodness to success for you in 2017.

gf29054_a2PS. Feel free to check out the website for my first fiction book, if you haven’t done so already: http://www.NegativeSplitBook.com.

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