The Bin That Keeps on Giving

My Favorite Christmas Present

The clear plastic is not so clear anymore.  The corners of the lid have a few cracks, so I use extreme caution when opening it.  Otherwise, for a Tupperware container that is almost as old as I am (it actually says ‘Made in the USA’ on the lid), it is in pretty good shape.

Each year, around this time, the container briefly makes its way into my care.  Its contents are of utmost value – Mom’s sugar cookies, in the shapes of Christmas trees, Santas, wreaths and snowflakes.

The cookie recipe and the container are old family treasures, at least to me.  I’d like to think the recipe has been handed down for a few generations, but it is entirely possible it came out of a 1970 issue of Good Housekeeping.  The container came from a Tupperware party when I was a toddler.  The combination is one of my favorite Christmas memories.  I helped Mom make the cookies when I was young, if you call eating cookie dough “helping”, and we always stored the cookies in this container.  Now, the bin with its contents is the present I look forward to most each year.

For the past few years, my daughter has taken my place and  helped her grandmother make the cookies – and I’m sure some good memories.   That makes them taste even better.

So, I’ll take extreme care of the container and make sure it finds the way back to Mom”s house intact, so it can be filled again next year. I suppose she might still make them if the container finally gives out, but why risk it?

Mental note to run twice as much this week.  I need to burn a lot of extra calories.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and thanks for reading my little blog this year.  May your containers be full this holiday season.


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