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2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I was leisurely searching the Internet for another form of my initials (logo?) that I use to mark my golf balls and something that might look good on a cap, such as a school logo. I just came across yours and I think it is amazing. I used to create ones like this as my signature when I was a teacher. But this one of yours is way better than anything I have done. I most often, in my signature, make the capital “G” as you do but it never occurred to me to finish with the additional line to make the “F”. I am also a “wannabe a runner like I used to be” but, being 74 now I realize that is not possible. But I am sure I will enjoy your collection of blogs about running. I look forward to reading more.

    Gerald Fowler

    1. Greg F

      Hi Gerald,

      Thanks for kind words. If you are still out there running at 74, that is amazing. Keep it up!


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